What We Do

IMG_7982Midtown Rising’s primary goal is to advocate for the people who live in our neighborhood in Midtown Kingston (west side of Broadway). Because our community organization began in response to the needs of neighborhood, members who regularly visit Caring Hands Soup Kitchen have become the grassroots base from which we draw our support. Our area of engagement thus naturally radiates outward from Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church, the entity that hosts Caring Hands and is an epicenter of activity and of all kinds of emergency services. We have kept the locus of our activity specific not because we care less about other parts of our community, but because we believe that residents of a particular area are best suited to meet their own immediate needs – needs that might mirror other parts of their community but are, nonetheless, different with respect the particularities of our context. This being said, we collaborate willingly with other organizations in the local area to maximize our impact, encourage the development of other like-minded groups, and welcome the attendance and participation of individuals who may not live in our immediate neighborhood but care about what we are doing and wish to be helpful.


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