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Welcome to Kingston Midtown Rising. We appreciate you visiting our website. Reach out to us if you have any questions about anything.

Our Story - Kingston Midtown Rising

Who We Are

The Kingston Midtown Rising Mission

Kingston Midtown Rising, Inc. is an Asset-Based Community Development organization dedicated to the equitable revitalization of our community through the cultivation of authentic relationships, strategic partnerships and civic, social, educational and economic opportunities for residents of our community. Though there are areas of Kingston outside of Midtown that need this kind of support, our group has kept the locus of our activity neighborhood tighter to increase our impact. Our neighborhood is home to some of the most pressing needs in Kingston and includes one of the poorest census tracts in the city.

Kingston Midtown Rising, Inc. began as a creative response to the potential that exists in our community despite these difficulties, and we seek to lift up bright spots in our neighborhood in a way that connects them to resources and helps them to grow.

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Our Message

KMR understands the challenges of the Midtown community because we are the Midtown Community. From our Executive Director to committee members, every person who engages in leadership with Kingston Midtown Rising has a special relationship to our neighborhood - whether we live in, work or own a business in Midtown.


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