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Welcome to Kingston Midtown Rising. We appreciate you visiting our website. Reach out to us if you have any questions about anything.

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Midtown Rising Connect

Midtown Rising Connect is a new initiative created to strengthen communication between Midtown residents, city hall/lawmakers and community organizations.
The goal of this initiative is to increase the flow and facilitate the access of quality information in our city, and to give residents an opportunity to connect with one another in ways that are mutually beneficial.

Why this project?

Communication is both challenging and critical for the people who live in our community. Poverty and the absence of sufficient resources unnecessarily prevent information from getting into the hands of the people who need it. Preliminary community polling suggests that approximately 65% of the Midtown area is online while the other 35% is not. In light of this barrier, we need a comprehensive plan and process to determine the best ways to communicate information. Midtown Rising Connect is working to accurately identify who is in our community, and what forms of communication work best for different people  (eg. texting, phone calls, mailings, social media, emails or specific pick up locations for information.) We will use this information to correct the breakdown in communication, increasing the ability of lawmakers, organizations and citizens to connect quickly and efficiently.

How does it works?

For Community Residents

  • Visit the Midtown Rising Connect Landing page
  • Sign up by filling out the subscription form
  • Share the subscription form with friends or family that may need it


For Organizations & Businesses

●    We will email your contact us with your interest to join at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
●    We will email you a request for more information
●    You will receive a username and password to create a MIDTOWN RISING CONNECT profile at www.KingstonMidtownRising.org
●    We will email you your new login info with a video explaining how to update your profile.
●    We will follow up via phone to ensure that you are all set.



Ways information is distributed

  • Emails (Weekly Digital Newsletter)
  • Texting (Short messages when necessary)
  • Social Media Facebook/Instagram (Daily Posts)
  • Phone Calls (Short conversations when necessary)
  • Mail (Bi-Monthly hardcopy resource guide)
  • Mobile App (Digital data updated daily)
  • Pick Up Locations (Bi-Monthly hardcopy resource guide)

Note: Hardcopy Resource Guide will launch late Summer 2020 and Connect Mobile App will launch Fall 2020




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Our Message

KMR understands the challenges of the Midtown community because we are the Midtown Community. From our Executive Director to committee members, every person who engages in leadership with Kingston Midtown Rising has a special relationship to our neighborhood - whether we live in, work or own a business in Midtown.


Our Location

Join Midtown Rising Connect

By subscribing you will now be connected to Midtown Rising Connect. Be a part of a loving community and access a variety of resources that can enhance your life experience. Distribution of information is based on your request via email, text, phone, mail, social media or mobile app.